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Bespoke Experience


Luxury Estates

Customise your estate for your needs

Stream Netflix, listen to Spotify, display your digital assets.

Play-to-earn games for you and your friends

Basketball, BabyFoot, table tennis and more.

Hyper-realistic penthouses & villas

Based in Dubai, Paris and New York.

— The first metaverse real estate agency

Verse Estate is a Metaverse agency, specialized in creating hyper-realistic luxurious products. We design penthouses, villas, private jets and other luxury goods based on unique concepts and sophisticated designs. All of our products are fully furnished with high-end quality materials, and are fully customizable to your liking. We accompany our customers through their journey with impeccable customer service.

To build true digital luxury, Verse Estate allows you to fully customize all your estates and products. Display all your digital assets on the walls, change the furniture, colors and textures. The only limit is your imagination.
For an even more personal experience, you can stream your favorite Netflix movies or channels on your TV screens, listen to your Spotify playlist on your sound system, and invite your friends for the time of your life.
All Estate owners will be part of an exclusive community with fun experiences and social events. Verse Estate will introduce a unique collection of play-to-earn games, accessible from all estates,  in collaboration with celebrities such as Vincent Faudemer.
Verse Estate will also organize private Metaverse events, such as auctions, concerts, and sports games, merging the real and virtual worlds.
All of the Estates will be listed through an NFT collection on the Solana network. Each NFT will act as a unique key for each owner’s apartment. There will be a limited supply of apartments available.
All products can be customized to our clients needs with immediate scalability for a much lower cost. We are building a portfolio of structures which includes a range of estates, galleries, gaming arenas, and much more.
— Verse Estate Philosophy

“The Metaverse is going to be the biggest revolution in computing platforms the world has seen– bigger than the web revolution” Mark Whitten, Unity Software.

Our Roadmap
01 01

The Verse Galaxy

Verse Estate will expand into creating its own virtual reality galaxy, with various planets each containing a different world. Inhabitants of the Verse Estate Galaxy will be able to travel from planet to planet in virtual UFO’s or using private jets.

02 02

Leasing and passive income

Home owners will be able to put their villas and penthouses up for rent, and generate passive income on a regular basis!

03 03

Play-to-earn games

Verse will provide all homes with a selection of fun and rewarding games for the ultimate entertainment experience. For example, we are designing the ultimate Babolex vs. Alien shooting game in collaboration with Vincent Faudemer.

04 04

Verse Estate Economy/Token creation

The in-game token will make a valuable addition to our blockchain based economy and makes transfers between players as easy as possible. The in-game currency is a currency that fulfills needs for exchanging services and goods in a working economy inside a virtual reality world.

  • — Our projects

    Quality over everything.

  • — Our Projects

    Quality over everything.

  • — Our Projects

    Quality over everything.

  • — Our Projects

    Quality over everything.

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